Accounting Document Scanning Services

If you work in a busy accounting office, the last thing you need to worry about is losing track of audit worksheets, tax forms, receipts, and other vital paperwork.  Thanks to Paperless Solutions, your Los Angeles or Ventura Co. accounting firm no longer needs to worry about manual filing or finding additional space to store documents. With our accounting document scanning services, we will organize and consolidate all of your files via the software or hardware solution of your choice.

Here’s how the accounting document scanning process works:

Send us your documents

You can contact us for a free pickup within 50 mi, use our prepaid shipping boxes or labels, or simply drop off your box of documents at your local UPS store or drop box.

Go from Paper to Paperless

Upon arrival of your documents, everything will be sub-barcoded and tracked so that we can easily identify every piece of paperwork you sent to us.  Our Certified Document Conversion Specialists will then prepare and scan your documents so that we can ensure meticulous and accurate conversion.

Digital Delivery

Once our Certified Specialists have completed the accounting document scanning process, they will send the converted files to our Quality Assurance Department.  We will triple check our work, making sure that the scanned images match the original documents you sent.  Once this process is completed, we will send the files to you via email, CD-ROM, or DVD.  As an option your files will also be available via our proprietary software solution, Locator Online, and can be integrated with any CRM solution.

Review Your Digital Files

At Paperless Solutions, we allow you 30 days to review your scanned files to make sure everything is accurate and organized to your liking. If there are no changes needed after 30 days, we will shred and recycle all the documents you sent us.This means that by going paperless, you’re going green!

Let your accounting firm experience the benefits and security of digital filing by going paperless with Paperless Solutions today.  Click here to get started or feel free to contact us with any questions at 1-800-642-6992.

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