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• This information will be used for the custom branding of your CD. Please make sure it is filled out accurately.
• Your picture will appear on every clients’ computer desktop when installed and on every CD!
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No file preparation is needed. Just choose the option that’s best for you.

Option 1 – Simply put them in our Pre-paid shippers and contact us. We will arrange a UPS pickup for you.
Option 2 – Put our Pre-paid shipping labels on your ship ready boxes and contact us. We will arrange a UPS pickup for you.
Option 3 – Use the shipper of your choice and send the files yourself.
Option 4 – We will come to you to pickup your files locally
Option 5 – Download the Locator Form and attach it to each transaction file

Once your account is set up we can arrange to have prepaid shippers and labels sent to you. If your company is already using our services, shippers should be found at your front desk. If you are using our services individually, you can email us at or call us @ 800-642-6992 and we’ll send them right out!

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By Submitting this form I understand and agree to all of the following: I am responsible for the accuracy of this information and that it will be used to create my CD-ROM(s). • Paperless Solutions, Inc. will automatically shred my paper file 30 days after delivery of my digital files unless I notify Paperless Solutions within that 30 day period if I am not satisfied with the scanned paperwork. • I understand Paperless Solutions, Inc. does not check any file for accuracy or completeness; it is assumed that any item provided in a file belongs in that file. • It is my responsibility to make sure my files are not co-mingled. • Paperless Solutions, Inc. will reorganize my files according to their indexing system. • Paperless Solutions, Inc. will not combine my files with the broker’s files or any other files. • If I want my paper file returned (for a fee) instead of it being shredded for FREE, I must indicate so on the Paperless Solutions’ File Check List with each file I submit. • All fees received are non-refundable. • I acknowledge receipt and acceptance of Paperless Solutions’ “Terms of Use and Disclaimer” at   Privacy Statement & Terms Of Use

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