Medical Records Scanning Services

Paperless Solutions provides scanning and storage to those in the medical industry.  Serving hospitals, doctor’s offices, and more in the Southern California area like: Simi Valley, Orange County, Burbank, Thousand Oaks, Moorpark, Oak Park, Valencia, Agoura, Ventura County, Los Angeles, County, and the San Fernando Valley.  We take your piles of dusty files and convert them into a more manageable, searchable, and user friendly CD or the online storage solution of your choice.

Whether you want to digitize insurance information, patient charts, invoices, blood work, or referral information, Paperless Solutions can securely and discreetly transform your physical documents into an easy-to-access, secure, consolidated location.

Securing Patient’s Privacy

We, at Paperless Solutions, understand the importance of keeping your patient’s information private and secure.  That’s why 30 days after scanning, we shred all scanned documents and dispose of them properly.  Over the years, we have recycled thousands of pounds of paper to help keep our planet healthy.

The Process

Simply contact us to arrange pickup options and we’ll take it from there! Once all of your medical records are scanned, they are run through an accuracy check process. The scanned documents are compared to the hard copies three times to ensure that the job was done correctly.  Then, your digital files are either stored on a CD, DVD, emailed, or put onto a Locator Online.  To make it even easier, the files can be integrated into a software system of your choosing.

It’s The Law

‘January 1, 2014 Federal Mandates for Healthcare: Digital Record-Keeping Will Be Required of Public and Private Healthcare Providers’

Getting Started

If you feel that your medical practice could greatly benefit by reducing the amount of paperwork being stored, then call 1-800-642-6992 for a free quote today!

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