Scanning Services


Files in any Condition

Whether your files are organized or disorganized, we will go through the process of thoroughly addressing your needs and returning all of your documents and files in an orderly, easy to navigate fashion. The first step is to contact us to arrange a pickup for your documents, or, if you wish, you can ship them to us yourself. Call us today to arrange a pickup 1 (800) 642-6992.



Storage Solutions

Once your documents have been prepared, scanned, and converted by our Certified Specialists, they are sent to our Quality Assurance Department. At Paperless Solutions, we triple check everything for accuracy by comparing the scanned images to the originals. Once approved, your new digital files can be emailed, stored on CD-ROMs, DVDs, and on Locator Online. They can also be integrated with any software system you choose. 30 days after receipt of your digital files, we shred and recycle the paper.


Real Estate Digital Transactions

No Paper files? We are compatible with SureClose, Relay, Planet RE, Transaction Point and all other transaction management systems to make your file storage easy and simple. Get Started



Real Estate Scanning

In the real estate industry, paperwork is involved in almost every step, and it takes stacks of signed documents to purchase or rent a property.  If those old, signed documents are cluttering your office, Paperless Solutions document scanning and archiving services can convert them into cleaner, easier to use and find format. Perhaps you are in the business of providing your clients with closing documents? Consider delivering their files on a personalized CD from Paperless Solutions. All of your contact information will reside right there where the files are. So they will always have a direct link to you in the future. Learn More

The services that Paperless Solutions provides can be beneficial for any company, in any field.  As long as there are contracts to sign, paperwork to be delivered, or documents to be stored, then there’s a practical use for Paperless Solutions in your business.

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