Real Estate Digital Transaction

At Paperless Solutions we know you that you may already be using a Digital Transaction Management Platform. Let us create a custom CD for you and your client, while YOU focus on your next sale. Your image, website and contact information will not only be custom printed on the CD but will also be in the interface content once the CD is inserted.

We will retrieve your documents right from your Relay (Zip Logix / Zip Form), Transaction Point, Sure Close as well as other transaction systems. We will then burn your cds at the end of the transaction. You can upload the documents you want during the transaction then send us the rest.

All you have to do is add Paperless Solutions as a user/delegate to your system. Then close your next deal while we create a custom Customer Relationship Management tool. The process is simple so contact us today to get started. (800) 642-6992

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Are you a Relay, ZipForm, Zip Logix user?
We are their Certified Partner!



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