Mortgage and Real Estate Document Management

If you work in the mortgage and/or real estate industry, then you understand how important it is to keep all of your client files as organized as possible.  Mortgage files, title information, blueprints, contracts, and title information are just some of the documents that are constantly circulating around your office. Instead of spending your time looking for more space to store these documents, you can send them to Paperless Solutions!

With our mortgage and real estate document management solutions, you can stay organized by accessing documents anywhere you go, at any time! Simply let us pickup your documents and we will scan and convert them into digital, easy-to-access files.

When we receive your mortgage and real estate documents, our Certified Document Conversion Specialists will carefully sort, organize, scan, and digitally convert each document into a secure and easy-to-access electronic location. At Paperless Solutions, Real Estate agents will not need to worry about sending files to us in alphabetical, numerical, or any order for that matter! We’ll handle this for you. In addition, all of your files will be sub-barcoded and tracked so that every piece of paper you sent to us will be identified easily and instantly.

Proprietary CD Solution

Once we’ve successfully scanned your documents, we can store them on a unique and proprietary CD specifically designed for your mortgage and/or real estate company.  When you download the CD on your computer, your company icon will appear on your desktop. This icon can act as a ‘go to’ button for real estate, MLS searches, news, trends, and other related information. Stay on top of the most current projects as well as past contracts with our proprietary CD solution!

CRM For Real Estate Agents  Are you currently using a customer relationship management tool in your real estate or mortgage office? If not, Paperless Solutions will integrate all of your documents into the system of your choice to help keep your office as organized and clutter-free as possible. Paperless Solutions is also compatible with SureClose, Relay, Planet RE, Transaction Point, and all other transaction management systems.

“Go Green” with Paperless Solutions

At Paperless Solutions, we believe in doing everything possible to preserve and protect our planet.  That is why after successfully digitizing all of your mortgage and real estate documents, we will shred and recycle them.

*We always wait 30 days after scanning before shredding, just in case you need us to make any changes.

Become a paperless mortgage or real estate office today with Paperless Solutions.  Click here to get started with our mortgage and real estate document management services or feel free to contact us with any questions, at 1-800-642-6992.

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